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Lockwood locks changed

Lockwood locks are very well know in Australia for a very good reason. They are the premier name you think of when you want to have your locks changed. Lockwood locks are built tough and very suitable for most doors in Brisbane. They are made to the highest standards and have been well tested for durability, strength and security.

Lockwood locks have been an industry leader and an innovator of good quality locks for generations. Their lock designs have been the standard locks used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, railways, councils and every other industry you can think of. Locks such as the Lockwood 3572 mortice lock , Lockwood 001 Deadlatch and Lockwood 355 Deadlock are names many people know by heart and trust to secure their homes and businesses. For lock fitting service of all lockwood locks call us for the best service in Brisbane

Some recent innovative Lockwood locks are

lockwood cavity sliding door lock Brisbane locks changedThe Lockwood Cavity sliding door lock.

The Lockwood cavity sliding door lock can be fitted to many homes in Brisbane. The most common door is for the sliding door between the garage and the house. The cavity sliding door when open, is fully concealed within the wall frame. No handles or lock cylinders can protrude from the door. Lockwood has made the cavity sliding door lock for this very purpose.

lockwood 001 touch Locks Changed BrisbaneThe Lockwood 001 Touch

The Lockwood 001 Touch uses the Lockwood 001 deadlatch as the main locking device. The 001 Deadlatch is a very popular lock in Brisbane and fitted to many houses, businesses and apartment doors. Now there is the 001 Touch version that is totally keyless with a randomised keypad for added security. Even James Bond would have trouble with the randomised keypad. There is no way to match fingerprints to numbers with the Lockwood 001 Touch.

 Locks Changed Brisbane lockwood code handleLockwood code Handle

Now here is a lock that does not even look like a lock! No lock cylinder, it just looks like a lever handle until you get up close. There are 5 little buttons on the top of the lever that allow electronic lock handle to open. It looks and works very simply and can easily be fitted in place of an existing knob set or lever handle set. The Lockwood Code Handle has a clutching lever to resist forcing making it a great choice for many homes in Brisbane.