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Rebated Door Upgrade

Rebated door upgrade

Old Rebated French Door Lock

Old Rebated Mortice lock

Many old houses in Brisbane have french doors or double rebated doors which lead out to a verandah. These doors were originally fitted with an old style mortice lock which are generally provide very poor security. Many are a 2 lever mortice lock that has very few key changes, if any! As they wear out over the years, almost any key will open the locks.

These locks can be upgraded with a new mortice lock to suit the existing holes in the door. There are a variety of sizes of locks to match the varying backsets of the old lock. Many of these french doors use a very short backset lock. There is not enough space in these doors to fit a standard 60mm lock so the shorter 40mm or 32mm locks need to be used.

The newer replacement locks use a Euro Cylinder which takes a regular Lockwood type key. The cylinders can be keyed alike to match other doors in the house. And even window locks and patio bolts. The euro Cylinder can either be a double cylinder or a single cylinder with a turnsnib. For patio doors with glass, the double cylinder is recommended.

Mortice Lock on door in BrisbaneThe locks and parts are generally sold seperately for rebated doors. Not only will you need the new lock and cylinder, you also need to purchase a rebate kit for the lock. The rebate kit allows the lock to fit into the rebate of the door. It also has the opposing strike which also has a rebate. The rebate needs to be carefully cut out so not to split the timber of the door. The strike needs to match the lock very precisely as they fit together very snugly so there are no gaps in the door.

The last thing to purchase for the locks is the handles. The handles are specially designed to match the cylinder and spindle of the lock. If the lock has a 60mm backset, almost any handle design can be used. If the lock is a short backset, make sure you select a slimline design handle. The wider handles are not suitable for the short backset locks.

Once fitted the doors will look a lot more modern and they will be more secure.

Mortice Lock on doorBarrel bolts on the inside of the fixed door should be replaced with a more secure type of lock. Barrel bolts are too easily forced and broken. Key lockable bolts or patio bolts are the best option. They can be fitted top and bottom to the fixed door and even fitted to the opening door if no entry from the outside is needed.  If the patio bolts are key operated, the doors are deadlocked and require the key to unlock.  Even if the glass is broken, the bolt can not be unlocked.

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