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Security Screen Door Locks

Lockwood Security screen door lock in BrisbaneSecurity doors are one of our most requested locks to change in Brisbane. It’s no wonder with how much work we give them! They are an essential part of the Brissy home. They keep the flies and insects out and allow a breeze to circulate through the house. As they get so much use they do wear out faster then other locks in the home that are not used as much.

We can change your complete security screen door lock or change the barrel if you have lost or stolen keys. We keep all common security screen door locks in stock, including Whitco locks, Lockwood, and Austral. These are the most common types of security door locks used in Brisbane, other types of locks can be ordered in if needed.

sliding security screen door in BrisbaneWe also keep a range of security door cylinders on hand for when you need the cylinders replaced or rekeyed. Depending on your requirements, we can swap the cylinders with new ones or rekey your existing security cylinders. We carry new cylinders that can be used to change the security door to suit the keys for the rest of the house. Main doors in a house or apartment, deadlocks and other locks can be matched to the same key. We recommend upgrading the standard disc type security door cylinders to a higher security cylinder as the disc cylinders are easily compromised by burglars.